Pet food

Production Facilities

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    1) Treats

    • We manufacture our treats through a complete sterilization process using steam cooker and complete the final product through hot-air drying method.
    • We manufacture various types of products from dry to semi-moist ones including jerkies, sausages, gums, and chews.

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    2) Wet type

    • We make completely sterilized products through the retort technique, ensuring that safe products are delivered to the consumers from production to delivery.
    • We manufacture wet products in various types of packages including sticks, spouts, pouches, and cups/cans.

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    3) Nutritional supplements

    • We produce nutritional supplements for the well-being of pets, using healthy, functional ingredients
    • Our products’ specialty in functionality can be applied in all kinds of products such as jerkies, gum, sausages, and wet products.

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    4) Feed

    • Our products are sterilized during production using extrusion technique, and are made into various shapes from wet types to semi-moist types.
    • We possess the optimal recipe for supplying basic nutrition and ensuring the healthiness of pets.

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    5) Packaging

    • We possess a high-quality packaging technology through our adoption of automated system and hygienic mechanism.
    • Inspection of foreign substances using metal detection facilities