Research Facility


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    Research Facility

    We conduct researches not only to develop safer pet food but also to meet our clients’ needs in areas such as enhancing palatability and functions, and using new materials.
    Major equipment such as Clean Bench, Dry Oven, Incubator, Water Activity Calculator, and M% Measuring Instruments are used by the research team to enhance the quality of feed and treat products as well as to develop new materials.
    We are currently pursuing a range of remarkable research projects to comprehensively enhance the life quality of pets.

Seo-ho Lee


2020 ~ Researcher at ATBIO company’s current research facility
2018 ~ 2020 ABI R&D, Head of Department
2015 ~ 2018 PhD, Chonbook University Medical Science Department
2013 ~ 2015 Master’s Degree, Chonbook University Medical Science Department
2007 ~ 2013 Bachelor of Science, Chonbook University Biological Science Molecular Biology Department

A Research Paper

Exercise induces muscle fiber type switching via transient receptor potential melastatin 2 dependent Ca2+ signaling, Journal of Applied Physiology, 2018
(The first author)

The critical role of uterine CD31 as a postprogesterone signal in early pregnancy, Reproduction, 2017
(Joint first author)

CD38-cADPR-SERCA signaling axis determines skeletal muscle contractile force in response to β-adrenergic stimulation, Cell Physiol Biochem, 2018
(The second author)

Seminal CD38 Enhances Human Sperm Capacitation through Its Interaction with CD31, PLoS One, 2015
(The second author)

Role of TRPM2 on muscle type transition during exercise, Chonbook University, 2018
(A doctoral thesis)

TRPM2 regulates whole body energy expenditure, Chonbook University, 2015
(A master's thesis)


Conducted government project ‘Flying Snack Gun’ in Gyeonggi Techno Park
Patent, Connecting Device for Supplying Pet Food (Registration Number 10-2020-0059550)
Patent, Projector and Projectile for Pets (Registration Number 10-2020-0036494)
Publish Serially for Coco Times article [Feed Stories, the More You Know]
Developed Moa-Amino products
2018 ASCB (The American Society for Cell Biology) in San Francisco poster presentation
2016 KSBMB(Knowledge & Science, the last Bastion for Mankind's Battle, Biochemical Molecular Biology Society) poster presentation
2016 The 5th A3 meeting on CD38 and NAD (Jeju CD38 and NAD meeting) presentation
2014 The 3rd A3 meeting on CD38 and NAD (Jeju CD38 and NAD meeting) presentation

Participated Research

Investigating the Role of TRPM2 in the Changes of Muscle Type
Investigating the Role of CD31 in Womb Development
Investigating the Role of TRPM2 in Energy Consumption
Investigating Neurospora Crassa NADase
Investigating the Interaction between sCD38 and CD31 of Seminal Plasma in Acquiring Fertility
Investigating Novel ADP-ribosyl cyclase
Investigating the Existence of Enzymes that Perform Same Functions as Rabbit NAD glycohydrolase in mouse
Investigating the Role of sCD38 in the Sperm During Fertilization

Performed Research Method

Western bloting, primary skeletal muscle isolation, electrical stimulation, immunohistochemistry, calcium analysis, enzyme activity analysis, genotyping, ovariectomize, ELISA(Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay), real-time PCR, GTT(glucose tolerance test), ITT(insulin tolerance test), fungi culture, in-gel assay, coomassie brilliant blue staining, silver staining, mouse treadmill training, exhaustion test, yeast culture, IP(Immunoprecipitation), protein purification (ion exchange chromatography, affinity column), inhibition test(screening), RNA isolation, RT(reverse transcription), PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction), Ligation, transformation, E.coli culture, plasmid isolation, FACS(Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting), yeast culture, cell line culture