Research Facility

Pet nutritional science


We Perform researches into
pet nutritional science to
enhance the life quality of pets.


Dogs and cats, which have evolved to become pets, inevitably must rely on humans to meet their nutritional needs.

Animals originally have capabilities to self-regulate their energy intake as required, but because of the rising palatability of feed and snacks and due to greater reliance on humans for a large part of their nutrition, they are losing their self-regulating capabilities.

As a result, the quality of food and treats consumed by pets has become ever more significant in the present-day society. How much of energy their pet needs and what kind of nutrients their pets have to eat are very important topics for pet owners.

In our pet nutritional science research facility, we aim to provide all pets the right amount of nutrition required for their life stage and lifestyle. This helps animals such as cats and dogs to lead a longer and happier life free from diseases and illnesses.