CI Intro

ATBIO’s philosophy and vision

Driven by love for our pets and the aspiration to provide them a healthy lifestyle, ATBIO follows the philosophy of ‘Always Together’ to provide quality pet food through continued R&D. With this foundational philosophy, we have a vision to grow and stay closer to the pets and our clients.

Concept behind the symbol & logotype

The English and Korean symbol and logotype for ATBIO have been developed with the English version as the base. Lower case letters for A and T were developed as a stable circular shape, and ATBIO’s philosophy of ‘Always Together with pets’ was integrated with the silhouettes of a dog and a cat in the frame. The logotype is made with the concept that emphasizes the variety of business and the future-oriented nature of the company through the harmony of soft curves and sharp diagonal lines.

  • The basic design(English)

  • The basic design(Korean)

  • The vertical design(English)

  • The vertical design(Korean)