Greetings, everyone! I am Hyeong-hak Jeong, Chairman and CEO of ATBIO.
We have just started our second, brand-new chapter as an OEM & ODM company that specializes in supplying the best and newest products to our clients.

We are living in an era of 10 million pet owners. The birth rates are ever declining, and the Korean society is ever aging. We foresee a future where the population of pet owners will continue to grow and a wide range of pet-related businesses will boom at an unprecedented scale.

Furthermore, along with rising customers’ expectations, the demand for good food, diverse flavors, and healthier products for pets is ever growing. As a result, there is a steady demand for product categories with higher quality ingredients and functionality (such as with healthy, prescriptive components), necessitating a larger variety of product line-ups.
We will continue to make high-quality products for your dogs and cats. Thank you.

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    ATBIO has started with the aspiration to be ‘Always Together’ with our pets.

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    ATBIO wishes that our pets have healthy lives, and are devoted to an ‘Always Try’ attitude in research, development, and innovation for the best products.

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    ATBIO dreams for a brighter future, and will take passionate steps toward that future one step at a time, ‘Along Together’ with our valuable clients.